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ANZAC 2022

On this day, above all days, we remember those Australian men and women who died or suffered in the great tragedy of war.

On the morning of April 25th, 1915, Australian and New Zealand troops landed under fire at Gallipoli, and it was then and in the violent campaign which followed, that the ANZAC tradition was forged. The elements of that tradition have inspired and offered an enduring example to later generations of Australians.

Each year we pay homage not only to those original ANZACs, but to all who died or were disabled in their service to this country. They enrich our nation’s history. Their hope was for the freedom of mankind and we remember with pride their courage, their compassion and their comradeship. They served on land and sea and in the air, in many places throughout the world.

Not only do we honour the memory of those Australians who have fallen in battle; we share the sorrow of those who have mourned them and of all who have been the victims of armed conflict.

On this day we remember with sympathy those Australians who have suffered as prisoners of war, and those who, because of war, have had their lives shortened or handicapped.

We recall staunch friends and allies, and especially those of the first ANZAC Day.

May we and our successors prove worthy of their sacrifice.