East Burwood Reserve, Burwood Hwy, East Burwood

Weekend Wrap Up – Round 10 ,19/20th June

We’ve had 2 weeks off from footy and netball thanks to Lockdown 4.0 and 4.1, missing rounds 8 and 9 and picking up at Round 10. But for Netball, that will be 3 weeks as no Netball games were played on Friday. The EFNL has added the missed games to the end of the normal home and away season, so the last 4 rounds will have the Senoirs and Reserves playing Fair Park, then Scoresby then Fair Park and finally Scoresby. Unsure yet on what will happed with Netball as we await advice from the EFNL.

This weekend however, footy made a crowd restricted return.

If you’ve ever seem the term TL;DR online and don’t know what it means, well it means Too Long; Didn’t Read. So the TL;DR version of the below report is: ALL TEAMS WON!

The first game of the weekend was the 19s playing their round 9 game at home against Berwick, the newest team in the EFNL. The clubs CIO (aka geek) was there to have a crack at getting the scoreboard working and suprised even himself when it sparked back into life with only minutes to spare before leaving for other duties at the Whitehorse Pioneers.

The 19s game started as the CIO was making their way back to the car and the team in grey booted a goal in about 20 seconds. “The team in black was in for a tough day” he though. Eventually the CIO noticed that the team in black was not the RAMS, it was actually Berwick. The team in grey was East Burwood, wearing their away clash jumper at a home game as Berwick didn’t have a clash jumper! I guess in their old league one was not needed, so hopefully they’ll be good next time. In the end the 19s had a good 14 goal win 16.9-105 to 2.5-17. Check out the stats for the game at the EFNL Match Centre

The Reservese and Seniors were away at The Whitehorse Pinoeers. The CIO was early to the ground to setup a live stream of both games via facebook, with the permission of The Pinoeers, so that both East Burwood and Pioneers supporters who were not supposed to attend as a part of one going COVID restrictions could still watch. It’s a pain to setup, as even though you got it right last time, it doesn’t want to work with the same settings the next time. Eventually got it going with about half an hour to spare, so if you want to watch the replay, you can skip to about the 28 minute mark for the start of the Reserves game. Seniors starts about 2:30 into the replay.

The replay is HERE!

Two weeks off seem to have made everyone a little rusty in the their game and also the ‘don’t backchat the calls’ department with the team getting multiple ‘reminders’. The boys need to work on a few things but it was great to see Aggers back taking some great marks and booting 3 majors. There were some new faces in the side as well and it was good to see the big mo of Brett Handrick out there taking some grabs and also booting 3 majors. And a very welcome return for the RAMS was Jake Elliot, who has been out due to injury for a while and signaled his return with a great gaol.

One major incident though was when Bailey took a tumble and dislocated his shoulder. The grape vine tells me that mum was watching the live stream and was in the car and on the way to the game before anyone even had a chance to call. Bailey got the shoulder back into it’s normal home and was back at the ground to collect his gear during the seniors game. Here’s to a speedy recovery Bailey, lets hope you don’t end up needing as much tape as Chocko!

Final score RAMS 13.8-86 to Pioneers 5.4-34. EFNL Match Stats are here.

The Seniors only got over the line by a few points the last time we played the Pioneers so there were some nerves for sure. This time the margin was a better with the lads getting home 16.9-105 to 8.9-57. The start was strong kicking 6 goals 1 point to just one point in the first qtr, but the Pioneers came back in the 2nd and just outscored us 3.3 to the 3.1. We turned it on again in the 3rd kicking another 3.3 to just 4 points and the Pioneers came home strong in the 4th qtr adding 5.2 to the Rams 3.3. With the good qrts good enough to out weigh the poorer qtrs, the Rams got the win by 8 goals. EFNL Match Stats here.

Sunday saw the Juniors back.

Under 9’s won I hear, as they always do.

Under 10’s also won. Again 😉

Sunday saw the clubs biggest win with the U11 team kicking 10.10.70 to defeat a scoreless Kilsyth. The win keeps them on top of the ladder!

The U12s had a bye so that’s a win.

The U13B side defeated South Croydon 6.9.45 to 1.2.8 and that keeps them 2nd on the ladder.

The U13D kids had a win against Kilsyth 7.17.59 to 5.4.34 and they remain also 2nd on the ladder.
And the final team in the list of weekend winners is the U15s, with a 11.10.76 win over The Basin 6.9.45 and they move up from 6th to 5th on their ladder.
Well done everyone!