East Burwood Reserve, Burwood Hwy, East Burwood

Junior Club Event – BOGAN BINGO!

Oi! Blokes, start savin’ ya dole money for a new setta mockies and trim of the mullet, drag the darl along and settle in for a grouse night of fun and games at the annual Bogan Bingo night! Bonza! Treat the misses to some new tips and maybe some tight stretch jeans so ya all look a million bucks and dump the rug rats at nans on the way. Bring a plate for ya mates to share. No Hipster beards allowed unless yous are doin’ a ZZTop lookalike. Must be able to spell ZZTop…… maaaaate!

Click ya mouse on the pic below mate and use ya ‘puter to book yas tickets… $30 for one of ya, $50 for two of ya. Get in quick so some other mongral doesn’t knick ya spot.

Satde 16th June @ 7pm at the flaimin East Burwood Footy Club

Bogan Bingo 2018