East Burwood Reserve, Burwood Hwy, East Burwood

EBJFC Footy Is Back

Games will commence in 7 weeks, round 1 will be on Sunday 26th July.

Its going to be a 9 week competition with finals to still be decided on with clubs and the league.
For the club and all of its members this is great news, but with football games commencing there is going to be more rules and protocols all clubs are going to have to follow when they are released from the league.
We will keep all of our families informed of these as they come through.

Training commenced last week for some of our teams and it was great to see the kids back out there running around and kicking the football.
Training will still continue to be run during daylight hours, whilst we have access to the ground 7 days a week.
The below Training rules are still in place until further notice.

***Correction for all families from my previous emails, All children that are attending training need to be registered through SportsTG, to ensure they are covered for insurance purposes.
Players already registered to play for season 2020 are already covered.
If your child is going to be playing this season you need to go online and get them registered ASAP, we have until next Friday to submit numbers for our teams for 2020 so the draw can be completed by the league. Register HERE.

Check out the latest newsletter for more details. If you need to be added to the mailing list, please email ebjfcsecretary @ gmail.com